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No one likes getting bit in the middle of the night! All Green Termite & Pest Control offers 24 hour emergency Bed Bug Extermination treatments throughout Charleston, Dorchester and Berkely Counties. Call anytime! One of our professional experts are on call to eliminate whatever is bugging or bitting you!  We are a full service Exterminator offering natural products and heat treatments as well. Sign up for a FREE bed bug inspection

Bed Bugs pest control exterminator in Charleston
Bed Bugs pest control exterminator in Charleston
Bed Bugs pest control exterminator in Charleston
Bed Bugs pest control exterminator in Charleston
Bed Bugs pest control exterminator in Charleston
Bed Bugs life cycle pest control exterminator in Charleston

Bed Bug Infestations on the rise! 

Bed bugs never sleep, they crawl around 24/7 hiding in cracks and crevices, when they are hungry they come out to feed.  Bed bugs can infest your home any time without notice, laying eggs and multiplying throughout the structure.


The crew at All Green Termite & Pest Control are all Pros at eliminating bed bugs! Our pest control products for bed bugs are safe for children and pets and we use natural products to eliminate the infestation.  We offer Full one year warranties on our treatments... if they come back so do we!


These tricky invaders are hard to find and treat, hiring a professional is always recommended if you want to completely eradicate the bed bug infestation. Don't wait! The earlier you get them the better! 


Bed bugs are brought into a structure many different ways. They may hitch a ride in on a pet, be on someones clothing, come from a laundry mat, used furniture or bedding. Anyone can get bed bugs they are no respecter of persons, they can infest clean and unkept home alike. Bed bugs seek out people and animals generally at night while these hosts are asleep, and painlessly sip a few drops of blood. Most people are allergic to bed bug saliva and bites may become infected.


Bed bugs are mostly found where people like to rest or sleep. Most of the time a bed bug infestation is found in the bedding and furniture. They can also be found behind pictures, in appliances, nesting around the baseboards next to the beds. Bed bugs will hide in cracks, folds, tucks and voids in, under and around these areas.


Signs of bed bugs include bite symptoms, small brown spots (fecal spots) on bedding and small blood smears on sheets. Small translucent bed bug eggs may be found in tucks and folds of the mattress and box spring, behind headboards, along baseboards and any other site bed bugs are hiding.


They can also be found throughout the structure. Bed bug harborage areas can be in furniture, down in the carpet, under tables, etc...


Bed Bugs can also infest wall voids and light fixtures  bed bugs can also be following electrical conduits throughout the house. Bed bugs can also live in the crawlspace under a home or come into the house on pets, rodents, or other wildlife.




Here's some advice from the experts at All Green Termite & Pest Control on how to protect yourself from bed bugs when traveling.


1. Check the mattress, box springs, headboard, frame and picture frames on the walls for any signs of carcasses and live bed bugs.


2. Don’t store your luggage on the bed or floor. Inspect your luggage rack then store your luggage there. Don’t use the dresser in the room, hang clothes that can be hung up.


3. Check travel reviews before visiting a hotel and be careful of those with multiple reports of bed bugs.

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