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All Green Termite & Pest Control provides professional pest control to the Johns Island area, in fact we have a technician there almost every day!  If something is buggin' you our professional inspector can drop by and give you a FREE Inspection and Estimate anytime!  We offer Termite Bonds and Residential pest control and Commercial pest control.  


John Island Fire ants in a nest

Fire Ants on Johns Island

While inspecting for termites at a house on Johns Island, we found suterranean termites with mud tubes running all the way up to the eaves, while our inspector was looking up guess what he stepped in? You guessed it fire ants!  Fire ants are everywhere on Johns Island.


When you disrupt a fire ant nest they come out mad! Ready to attach. They use the mandibles on their mouths to hold the prey while they sting them multiple times. If you see any mounds like these stand back and call your local exterminator on Johns Island for a Free Inspection and estimate!

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