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Wood Destroying pests are everywhere in Charleston area.  All Green Termite & Pest Control issues not just a Termite Bond but an ALL WOOD DESTROYER BOND. Our natural permanent wood protectant will exterminate current infestations and protect against future infestations too!  This patented and exclusive treatment method provides permanent pest control and protection for all the wood in sub area and attics, even the wood in the wall voids!  Our natural product provides permanent protection from Termites, Wood Beetles, Carpenter Ants and Dry Rot causing fungus! Say goodbye to “pest control”… or "renewing Termite Bonds every year" Treat it once and never worry about it again!  

Sign up for our FREE Termite and wood destroyer inspection!

Termite pest control exterminator in Charleston

Your home is made of dead wood and what does dead wood do? ...It ROTS!

Fungus causes more damage each year to homes in the USA than fires and storms combined!

Fungus that causes Dry Rot is able to grow when moisture is allowed under a structure. We will examine your home for any areas that might encourage or allow moisture build-up and recommend remedial measures to keep wood dry. Our wood preservative products provide permanent protection from fungus growth.

Give our professional team of Dry rot exterminators a call, we will protect your investment!

Dry rot Fungus pest control exterminator in Charleston
Termite pest control exterminator in Charleston


There are basically 3 different types of Termites here in South Carolina

Subterranean Termites

Eastern subterranean and Formosan Termites both live in the Low County and are also found throughout South Carolina. They have their colonies down in the soil and build amazing mud tubes up to the surface of the wood.  The worst is the Formosan termites which can have colonies numbering in the millions.

Dampwood Termites

These larger termites live in the wood, in damp conditions and can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.


Drywood Termites

These termites can infest new or seasoned wood. They are often found in eaves and attics.  They kick out little pellets wherever they are nesting.

Termites tubing on wood in Charleston
Termites pest control exterminator in Charleston


All Green Termite & Pest Control offers FREE INSPECTIONS for Termites!

Our professional Inspector will inspect the sub area, attic and wall voids for any infestations.

He will then give you a written report on what he finds and go over prevention or treatment options. 

You can rest assured knowing your structure is Termite free!


Pest Control for Wood Beetles and house borers can be tricky. There are many types of beetles that infest wood. They do their damage in the larva stage, they live under the surface of the wood until they go into a pupae stage, then when they hatch out as an adult they bore a hole out of the wood, find a mate, lay more eggs and the cycle continues. 

The longest living wood boring beetle was reported to be 51 years! 

All Green Termite & Pest Control has an exclusive product line called All Green Products when the product is applied correctly by our team of exterminators you will be able to rest assured, knowing you have permanent protection from wood beetles and any current infestations will be eliminated.

The biggest ant in South Carolina is one of the worst wood destroyers. Carpenter Ants like building nests in wood and are connected to several nests at a time. They particularly like living in heated structures because they help incubate the eggs and larva.  All Green Termite & Pest Control has natural products that will provide pest control and our team of exterminators will rid your home of these destructive insects and provide long lasting protection for your home or structure!

Carpenter Ant pest control exterminator in Charleston
Wood Boring Beetles pest control exterminator in Charleston
Wood Boring Beetles pest control exterminator in Charleston



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