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Eliminate what's buggin' you... Naturally!  We are a full service company offering comprehensive treatments for all pest.  We also do repairs. Whatever you need done we can do it ALL!   


Termite Bond in Charleston pest control exterminator

Treat it once never worry about it again!

Our natural permanent wood protectant will exterminate infestations and protect against ALL Termites, Wood Beetles, Carpenter Ants and Dry Rot causing fungus!  We treat all the exposed wood in the sub area, in your walls and attic.  Protect your existing home, or treat the wood as you build a new home! Call an All Green Termite & Pest Control expert for a Free estimate!


Wildlife trapping and removal management in Charleston

Get rid of those pesky critters safely and effectively.  Bats, Raccoon  squirrels, birds, rodents, etc... we do it all!

We also specialize in pest and wildlife exclusion work, removal of feces and pheromones, to make sure they never come back!

All Green Termite & Pest Control are the experts at dealing with wildlife!  

Charleston Termite bond, Pest Control exterminator

All Green Termite & Pest Control stands behind every pest control treatment with our treatment Warranties.  

We issue not just a Termite Bond but an


Providing permanent extermination and protection for all the wood in sub area, attics, and wall voids! All our pest control warranties and bonds are fully transferable to the next home owner!

Most Exterminators charge a fee for this but not us! Just call us before the pest control program expires!


Rodents pest control exterminator in Charleston

We provide rodents, and keep unwanted intruders from getting in by repairing screens, holes, and cracks that make it easy for insects and rodents to come inside. Our experienced Exterminators know exactly what they’re looking for, and the most common places that need extra reinforcements.  Call the experts at All Green Termite & Pest Control we are experts at rodent extermination!

cockroach pest control exterminator in Charleston

All of our pest control treatments are so thorough for ants, spiders, cockroaches, fleas and other general pests we will give you a FULL ONE YEAR* exterminator warranty for all your general pests!

No more monthly or quarterly services needed.  Our goal is to not just provide pest control, but exterminate the pests permanently... not just control them!  

Our customers are a priority to us and we can usually respond to any of your re-treatment needs within 24 hours!  (*shorter services are available)

Dry Rot repairs in Charleston, Moisture control

Your home is made of dead wood and what does dead wood do? ROTS!

We can prevent Dry Rot!  Fungus that causes Dry Rot is able to grow when moisture is allowed under a structure. We will examine your home for any areas that might encourage or allow moisture build-up and recommend remedial measures to keep wood dry.  Our products prevent fungus growth and exterminate the spores, keeping your home safe and protected.

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