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All Green Termite & Pest Control is the expert at repelling and exterminating Mosquitoes and Noseeums.  Our treatments are thorough and provide relief from those nasty biting insects.  We are the exclusive user of All Green Productline.  Our award winning natural pesticides eliminate what's buggin' you without being harmful to the environment.  Our Natural pesticides and insecticides are made from food grade substances and provide effective pest control and extermination for your home or business.


No see Ums,  Adult biting midge, Culicoides sonorensis Wirth and Jones, showing blood-filled abdomen and the characteristic wings patterns used for species identification. Photograph by Ed T. Schmidtmann, USDA/ARS.

No one likes being bit by mosquitoes or the little gnats know as No See Ums.  Anytime you are outdoors they can be out and ready to attack. Bites are irritating to the skin and bites can swell and become infected cause pain and discomfort.


All Green offers natural and green Pest Control with natural products that smell great around your property and provide relief from the nuisance pests! Call today for a Free Inspection and Estimate! 

No see Ums, biting gnats

Why do Mosquitos Bite?

Mosquitoes are everywhere, but have you ever wondered why certain people seem to get bit more than others?


Mosquitoes can be a huge problem for some people, experiments have shown that 20% of the population get bit more than others. Your blood type, showering, what you eat, can all determine if your blood is the good stuff they are looking for!


Most of the time mosquito bites just cause just a mild irritation or bump on the skin. Mosquito saliva contains Proteins and enzymes that are injected under the skin, these prevent clotting so they can draw out the blood.  Major health problems occur when bites become infected usually because of excessive scratching. Scratching may cause septicemia, blood poisoning or there may become an infection of the skin such as cellulitis. 


It is estimated that over one million people die each year from diseases carried by mosquitoes.  Dogs, horses and other mammals are also affected by these mosquito-borne diseases. Mosquitoes are the number one transmitter of diseases known in the world today, such as malaria, dengue, encephalitis and yellow fever to name a few.


Our bodies emit over 500 chemicals that drift off of our skin into the air. Our genetic make up is the main reasons mosquitoes prefer one person over another. Unfortunately if they love you there is not much you can do about it! Mosquitoes use the small feathery antennae on their heads to detect lactic acid in our sweat, uric acid in our uric and skin cells, octenol in our breath are all factors contributing to drawing them in for a meal. Showering often may help mask your bodies odors, making it less of an attractant.


Studies have shown blood types may be a large contributor to mosquito bites. Most people excretes chemicals from our skin into the air that tell a mosquito which blood type we are. 


Those with Type A blood are less likely to get bitten, then Type B. O Blood type draws in more mosquitoes than any other blood type.   


Exercising may play a part in drawing in more mosquitoes, as our body temperature rises we exhale more carbon dioxide. Tests have shown that female mosquitoes detect carbon dioxide with an organ called a maxillary palp. This helps them hone in on their target and they can detect this gas from over 150 feet away. 


Metabolic rate can also be a factor, larger bodies and people that are overweight tend to have a higher metabolic rate and burn more energy thus creating more chemical release and carbon dioxide.  


Some tests have shown alcohol in your blood may attack more mosquitoes.  Studies have been done with beer in particular. 


The best way to prevent mosquitoes bites is to mask your scent, this confuses the maxillary palp and makes it difficult to detect carbon dioxide and camouflages the chemicals our body emits. 


Products on the market such as deet, may cause even more discomfort and respiratory stress. Treating a yard with our natural insecticides for mosquitoes is a safe alternative to the chemicals sold and used by other companies. 


Fill out our free inspection and estimate form or give us a call us. All Green Termite & Pest Control can give you relief from mosquitoes!

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