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In areas that are not disturbed, fire ants typically make dome-shaped mounds that are about 18 inches across and about 8 to 12 inches tall.

Red imported fire ants tend to build nests in open, sunlit, grassy areas that are typically have good water supply, because red imported fire ants often build their nests in turf grass areas in South Carolina, frequently the mounds have been mowed and are nearly flat, appearing as soft, loose dirt that obscures the grass and looks like a bald spot in the turf.


In some instances red imported fire ants do not build mounds but nest in places such as rotten logs, walls of buildings, or under sidewalks.

Fire ant mound in Charleston
Fire ants taking over a field in Charleston
Fire ant nest in a tree in Charleston
Fire ant nests in Charleston over 250,000 workers!
Fire ant bites and stings
Fire ants spreading from the South

Originally imported from South America in the 1930s, the fire ant (RIFA, or "Red Imported Fire Ant") was accidentally brought to Charleston, South Carolina.  They are known for their nasty stings and bites.  Fire ants cause major problems in homes, businesses, crops, animals and have attacked even small children.  They are aggressive and multiply quickly by sending out kings and queens to start new nests.  Fire Ants can take over a yard and home quickly if left alone.


All Green Termite & Pest Control guarantees elimination of all fire ants for a FULL year!  Our natural products drops them dead and keep them from coming back!  Nothing is more frustrating than spending time in your yard or patio and be attacked by these aggressive stinging and biting ants!


So what to do if you think you've found fire ants? Call All Green Termite & Pest Control! We offer fire ant inspections and estimates. We can eliminate those ants so you can feel safe and enjoy your home, yard and patio.  

Fire ant sculpture

Fire Ants nests are complex

Fire Ant nests are amazingly complex. Some people are making sculptured ant nest art from theses amazing colonies.

Fire Ants are spreading from the South and

are now throughout the USA.

Fire Ant Invasion

Fire ant colonies can number over 250,000 workers, queens & winged reproductives.

Large Fire Ant Nests & Colonies

Fire Ant King, Queen and Worker

Fire Ant Kings, Queens & Workers

Within a colony of Fire Ants, you will find  Kings, Queens and Workers, also winged reproductives. Fire Ants release the winged reproductives when the humidity conditions are best, they will fly off to new locations, mate and start new colonies.

Why do Fire Ant stings hurt?

Fire ant venom can be deadly. If people are allergic to the venom it can cause anaphylaxis shock. The Fire ant uses it's jaws to hold its victim while it injects venom from the stinger into its prey.  The stings swell into a bump which is very irritating and if scratched they may become infected and even cause scaring.

fire ant sting bites


Resist the temptation to use just any ant spray.  This may not reach the queen in the ant mound but will cause the ants to spread even more!


Be proactive! Treat before the spring, doing preventive treatments.  All Green Termite & Pest Control uses naturally derived sprays and baits to eliminate the ant mounds. It can take a few weeks for the ants to die after baiting so be patient.  Keep children and pests away from the area until the nests, keep pets and children away from the mounds to ensure the treatment has time to work.   


Keep an eye out for fire ant colonies before they get out of control. Colonies are typically created in damp areas near a water source, and fire ants are happy to build their homes anywhere in your yard ... even inside your house!


Fire ants are drawn to tunneling under concrete sidewalks, patios, driveways, brick fences, and along the foundation of the home.  


All Green Termite & Pest Control is one of the best at eliminating and killing fire ants.  Our experienced and professional technicians will quickly and efficiently eliminate what's buggin' you! Call for a free ant inspection and estimate! or fill out our form online!

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