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Roaches are a huge health risk they can carry salmonella, and their skin and feces

contribute to respiratory problems.


Will the real "Palmetto Bug" please stand up?  

Cockroaches are known by many different names in the Low Country, the most common are "Palmetto Bug" or "Water Bug." 


They are disgusting, messy and leave a nasty odor, they leaving peppery black stains and defacate everywhere they go.  They will easily survive inside a structure as there is plenty of water and food sources.  All cockroaches are nocturnal and will hide during the day in cracks and crevices, under cabinets, and behind appliances.  At night they come out hunting, mating, and to look for scraps of food left out, grease and other spills. They can be found under appliances, or eating cat or dog food left out overnight.


So as you can imagine they are incredibly resistant to treatments and adapt quickly.  All Green Termite & Pest Control uses natural products and bait that cockroaches cannot build up a resistance to, working mechanically on the roach breaking down the waxy layer that protects their exoskeleton and interrupting the life cycle.  In severe situations we have used heat treatments in conjunction with other pest control methods with amazing results.  Call us for a free inspection and consultation.

American Cockroach

What Cockroaches do we find in South Carolina?

The most recognizable cockroach in Charleston and throughout South Carolina is the American Cockroach.  They can be up to almost 2 inches long!  Their Huge size and that their ability to fly sets them apart from all other roaches in our state. 


They have large egg capsules called "Oothica" contains 14-16 nymphs. Adult American cockroaches can live more than a year. 

American Cockroach in Charleston
cockroach egg found on Folly Beach
roach egg hatching
Most common roaches found in Charleston

German Cockroach

The most common Cockroach found in Charleston and throughout the state of South Carolina is the German Cockroach.  These are small roaches that multiply quickly, if left unchecked one pregnant female can be responsible for over 300,000 offspring in a year. 


German cockroaches are easily recognizable by the 2 dark lines on the pronotum. (their back) They are very fast and do not fly. They go through instars where they shed their skin and may be translucent or appear white in this stage.  

German roach carrying her eggs
German cockroach female with her nymphs
German roach frown in Charleston, SC

German Cockroach Females carry their eggs called the Oothica until the babies hatch.  

German cockroach can be white when shedding skin

Other Roaches you may see:

Oriental cockroach from Charleston, SC

Oriental Cockroach

These cockroaches are heavy bodied and no very good climbers.  They tend to live down low, usually in sewers and under cabinets and appliances.

Brown Banded cockroach in Charleston

Brown Banded Cockroach

These are small roaches that can infest homes.  They are know for the distinct double band around the middle.

Diseases Cockroaches carry

Roaches don't just spread pathogens they are a reservoir for bacteria. They crawl around in everything, contaminating silverware and plates, contaminating food and defecating everywhere. Salmonella (food poisoning) is the main bacterium they spread.  They also cause multiple respiratory conditions. The dust from their feces urine and skin can cause Allergic reactions may cause itchy skin and eyes, couching and sneezing and severe asthma attacks.


To exterminate roaches give the experts at All Green Termite & Pest Control a call, our professional pest control technician will evaluate your situation for free, and give you an estimate!

Can Cockroaches survive a nuclear blast?

Cockroaches survive nuclear blast

Mythbusters prove cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast... Not only cockroaches, but other bugs as well! 

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