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No one likes things that go bump in the night, scratching clawing, or chewing! If you hear strange sound at your home or office call the Charleston Rodent exterminators at All Green Termite & Pest Control for a FREE Rodent inspection!  We not only eliminate the infestation, we prevent them from ever coming back. Our treatment methods are extremely comprehensive such as removal, sanitizing and exclusion.

Rats are a huge problem in the Charleston area. They can reproduce quickly, one female rat can be responsible for 2,000 offspring in only one year.


Rats are nocturnal and they forage for food at night. They eat up to  on third of their body weight each day. They are beneficial in that they eat almost anything, cleaning up the world!  The problem is they are also hoarders, they like to pack stuff to their nests creating nasty smells in attics, crawlspaces and wall voids.


Rats are very social and usually when you see one there are 100's more nearby.  In the Charleston area there are 2 main types of rats the Norway rat which is heavy bodied and the roof rat which is capable of climbing. 

Rats and mice rodent infestation in Charleston

Rat Infestations

The Norway Rat has many names, it is called the Sewer Rat, Wharf Rat, or Brown Rat. Norway Rats can be gray or brown, their tail is short and pink.  Norway Rats are great swimmers and love being near water sources.  They don't climb very well so they are usually found living in crawlspaces or first story walls. They travel along walls and leave greasy oil stains on whatever they lean against . Entry points of Norway Rat infestations can be found by looking for these dark greasy stains.

Norway Rat compared to Roof Rat

Norway Rat - Brown Rat - Sewer Rat - Wharf Rat

The Roof Rat has many names as well, it has been called the Ship Rat and Black Rat, the Roof Rat is gray, black, or brown.  Their tail is longer than its body and the tail has a charcoal, or dark gray color.  Roof Rats are great climbers, it can enter structures from tree limbs, jump from structure to structure or even scale the wires connected to the house. They prefer to live up in the attics and between the walls of multiple storied houses. 

Roof Rat - Black Rat - Ship Rat

Roof Rat compared to Norway Rat
Rats and mice damage to insulation
How to identify Norway Rat, Roof Rat and Mice

Mice are everywhere! In  the Charleston area there is approximately 15 mice per acre!  Mice only need 1/4 of an inch crack to squeeze into a space.  They can have 5 litters per year, one female mouse could potentially be responsible for over 3,000 offspring in a year! 


Mice can cause a lot of damage, they are inquisitive and chew on just about everything.  They contaminate food, cause electrical fires, and lots of allergies in humans.  They also are carriers of over 200 human pathogens!


They hunt for food mostly at night, but can be seen during the day as well. They build nests in the soft insulation of homes and can be anywhere in the structure. Each mouse leave 60-100 droppings per day!


There is an excellent article written by Robert Timm of the University of California. Click here to go to the article on the House Mouse


Mice Infestations

Mice and Rats living in a structure will defecate and urinate throughout the home, contaminating the insulation, damaging duct work and staining the wood.


Mice and Rats will chew wires causing electrical problems and have been the cause of house fires. Their harborage can bring in nasty smells, rotting food and other invaders as well, Such as Carpet Beetles, Bed Bugs, and Moths.

Damage from Rodent infestations

difference between mice and rat droppings
electrical wire damage from mice

Rodent Treatment and Elimination Approach

All Green Pest Elimination believes in a comprehensive 4 step method to exterminate Mice and Rats for good! 

1. Eliminate the Rodent infestation

All Green uses several effect trapping and baiting techniques to eliminate the current infestation. We then remove the dead carcasses and deodorize whenever necessary.

We don't just bait or trap and leave, we treat the structure with powerful enzymes that eliminate the urine and feces throughout the structure. This erases the pheromones and keeps the rats from wanting to come back.  Sometimes it is necessary to inject the walls with enzymes and/or remove the contaminated insulation.

2. Sanitize the structure from Feces and Urine

3. Exclusion of Rodents from the Structure

The most important step is to identify entry points in the structure and make sure the mice and rats cannot get back in!  This can be done by patching holes in the structure with steel wool and spray foam, repairing crawlspace doors, replacing vent screens, or  eliminating foliage around the structure. This is the most important step in eliminating the rodent infestation.

4. Warranty for Mice and Rats

It is important to hire an exterminator that warranties their work! All Green Pest Elimination offers a Full ONE year warranty on rodent treatments. If they come back so do we! 

Diseases Mice and Rats may carry

Rats and mice have been responsible for the spread of plagues and diseases.  They also many bring fleas and ticks into your structure which can bring in other diseases as well.  Inhabitants may also experience allergic reactions to the feces and urine in the walls attic and crawl space.   It is never "ok" to ignore a rat or mice infestation, your health may be at risk in more ways that you know!  The extermination experts at All green Pest Elimination will identify the problems and find the solutions your home needs.  

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). Sin Nombre Virus (SNV)

First discovered and identified in the USA in 1993 this new virus is called Sin Nombre virus (SNV) the new respiratory disease caused by the virus was named hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.  Victims sometimes become infected  when they get bit by a rodent, but the main way people become infected is by breathing the dust that is contaminated with rat or mice feces and urine.  This a severe respiratory disease that is no respecter of person's, it can attack the strong or the weak and can be fatal.  


Symptoms: Muscles aching, exhaustion, feverish and/or chills, upset stomach and/or vomiting

3-10 days later the infection grows in the lungs causing respiratory problems, difficulty breathing, pneumonia type symptoms.

If medical help is not sought it can result in death.  For more information we recommend going to the CDC web site.


All Green Termite & Pest Control believes in a thorough approach to elimination rodents. We don't just bait or trap and leave, we treat the structure with powerful enzymes that eliminate the urine and feces within a structure. This erases the pheromones and keeps the rats from wanting to come back.  We then do exclusion work to insure they cannot re-enter the structure.  

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