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Pest Control Heat Treatments are extremely effective against all kinds of bugs.  It's natural pest control at its best,  and safely eliminates the infestation without the use of  harsh chemicals.  It usually takes only a few hours to successfully treat a structure and you can re-enter the house within an hour. All Green Termite & Pest Control is an expert at heat treatments!

Heat Treat Bed bugs and Roaches too!

Bugs cannot escape our heat treatments, there is no where to hide.  It's thorough, quickly reaching into the cracks and crevices of a structure. Our heat fans create a convection oven effect in the house dispersing the heat evenly throughout the structure.  Just remove a few things that are susceptible to melting and you can leave everything else! Heat treatments can be used on many take types of pests. You can heat treat bed bugs, roaches, fleas, even termites... natural and effective! 


We monitor each room with thermal temperature readings and ensure each area reaches lethal temperatures.  We then vacuum up the dead bugs as they crawl out from their harborage and die.  After each heat treatment we treat with our residual products to provide protection from future infestations.

How to prepare for a Pest Heat Treatment

This list is comprehensive and contains every idea thought of to ensure a successful treatment.  If you are physically unable or do not have the time to perform these tasks the experts at All Green Termite & Pest Control can help!  Estimates are available fi you are unable to prepare for a a successful treatment!  Please feel free to call us for advise or we can have a professional cleaning person help prepare your home at an additional cost.


Three hours before we arrive please turn the heat up to maximum on the thermostat of your home or building, turn the fan on to run continuously.


Remove any mattress or box spring covers before the treatment, customers should wash the bed covers then put them back on after the treatment.


Circulation of the heat is the key to a successful treatment, please uncluttered your storage and closets and move furniture away from the walls in infested rooms. This will allow the heat to circulate correctly. The more you un-clutter the house the better your results will be.


The technician will unplug your fridge before the treatment.   Plug it back in after the treatment is done. Bugs love to live in the warmth of appliances please unplug them and leave them in the house for treatment.  


Another favorite harborage for bugs is behind the outlet covers, removing your outlet covers will also help the heat penetrate into the walls.


DO NOT apply your own insecticides before or after treatment, this often worsens the problem.


Vacuum thoroughly, and leave the vacuum to be treated too, throw away vacuum bags and take out all the trash.  


Curtains should be left hanging for treatment.  Please raise all the binds up.


Open all drawers and closets to allow the maximum heat penetration. You may leave your dresser drawers open with some articles of clothing in them, the heat treatment will penetrate the loose clothing.  You may place some un-laundered items loosely in laundry baskets on the floor.


Leave small miscellaneous items in the house for treatment, such as:  toys, games, walkers or wheel chairs and canes.

Items to remove for a Pest Control Heat Treatment

Only remove what is absolutely necessary, items need to be treated before they are brought back into the house.  We recommend that you do not throw away furniture until it is heat treated, then you may dispose of them properly if you wish, so you do not spread bugs to others.

Note:  Placing items in Fridge will protect them from the Heat



Lipsticks and Wax candles

Paints and various art supplies                                                                                                   

Alcohol products and wine

Please remove any oxygen tanks or pressurized tanks.                                                         

Cut power and water to any sprinklers in the ceiling

Other items susceptible to melting such as vinyl records, CD's or cassettes.                     

Fine art or paintings

Aerosol cans or Fire extinguishers                                                                                              

Explosives, bullets, batteries, other Flammables

All house plants and pets, including fish, will need to be out by the morning of the service date.

What should I do with my linens to remove bugs

After the Heat Treatment

Rubbing Alcohol on articles your bring back into the house will help kill any eggs on the items you bring back into the house.

Vacuum thoroughly each day paying special attention to cracks and crevices. Throw away vacuum bag each time. 

Replace bed covers and box spring covers.

Put your clothing and bedding away.

Remove bedding, wash and dry clothes thoroughly, it is recommended that you dry clothes at least 20 minutes extra. Don't overstuff the dryer this will restrict the heat flowing to all the clothes.  Taking your clothes to a laundry mat may be a great way to save on time.  After drying, place your clothes in a new clean garbage bag. If it is a hot sunny day we recommend placing the bags in direct sunlight for the day, this will kill off any eggs that survived washing before you bring them in the house. Do not place plastic bags in the house.

Why Heat Treatments Fail

  • Lack of proper Preparation of Home.

  • Home should be clean and de-cluttered for proper convection heating.

  • Bugs can be brought back in.  Identify how the bed bugs first got in your home and take precautions to prevent their return!

  • Be AWARE of friends, families and neighbors where these bugs may have originated from.

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