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Bed Bugs are biting in Charleston

Bedbugs are back!

If you haven’t heard, Bedbugs have been a hot topic in the news for the past decade. Believed to be all but eradicated in the 1950’s, Bedbugs have been recently reported in epidemic proportions in some parts of the world; including five-star hotels and posh resorts.

bed bug

Bedbug’s size ranges from a head of a pin to

an apple seed; with full-grown adults being a quarter-inch long.

They are red-brown in color, oval, flat and wingless.

bed bug bites

Although bed bugs can feed on any warm-blooded animal, they primarily dine on humans, and usually while they sleep in bed (hence their name).

Bedbugs do not transmit diseases, but their bites usually create red, itchy welts. These bed bug bites may become infected and require additional medical treatment.

bed bugs on mattress

Bed bugs like to travel and are good hitchhikers. They will hide in suitcases, boxes and shoes to be near people. They are elusive, nocturnal creatures. They can hide behind baseboards and in cracks and crevices. They particularly like to dwell in the folded areas of beds, bedding and adjacent furniture, especially mattresses and box springs.

If you are going to be in a hotel, cruise ship cabin, dormitory, or any other bed than your own, here is what you should make part of your routine to help ensure you won’t pick up these unwanted parasites:

  • Upon arriving in your new room, do not place your suitcases on the luggage rack, bed or floor. Instead, place them on a hard surface such as a desk, dresser, or bathroom floor.

  • Immediately inspect the mattress and box springs. Pull back the bed linens and look for live Bedbugs and rusty or reddish stains in the sewn beading and in any folds of the mattress and foundation Also, look for the same on linens, pillows, and nearby furniture.

  • If you find signs of Bedbugs, ask to be relocated more than two rooms away and inspect there, too.

  • Upon returning home, inspect or wash all clothing that was with you on your trip and vacuum your suitcases.

All Green Pest Eliminaiton employs several treatment techniques to provide a quick kill and long lasting protection from bed bugs.

If you suspect you may have Bedbugs, call All Green Termite & Pest Control 843-300-9492 for a free Inspection.

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